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  • M.S. - Forestry

  • First Aid/CPR Certified

Jacob Winterbower


June 24, 2018

They're Back!

      Well, whether you are ready or not the swarms of Japanese Beetles are back.  They are back a little early this year due to the hot dry weather we have experienced so far this year.  So, where do they come from in the first place (Japan duh!)?  The beetles lay eggs in the soil and grubs burrow and live about 2'' to 8'' down in the soil.  When the soil cools to about 60°F in the fall, the grubs begin to move deeper. Japanese beetles overwinter in the grub stage and most survive the winter 2 to 6 inches below the surface, although some may go deeper. They become inactive when soil temperature falls to about 50°F. When soil temperature climbs above 50°F in the spring, the grubs begin to move up into the root zone, feeding on the roots of grass, sometimes causing dead patches in yards. Following a feeding period of 4-6 weeks underground, the grubs pupate and remai...

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