At ArborEdge, we have a highly trained and educated staff to ensure every job is done correctly and in a professional manner.  All work is done by a Board Certified Master Arborist® and on each job we consult with you the client to make sure you clearly know why and how the services will be done. 


It may be hard to decipher what is best for your property and which tree care provider to select, but ArborEdge is here to help with your best interest in mind.  Don''t see a service you need?  Please ask! If we are not able to do it we can direct you to someone who can.  Below is a list of our services with a brief description of each, please contact us with any questions!


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Tree Pruning- ArborEdge provides expert tree pruning services for any application.  We access trees using a non-spiking climbing system to provide as little impact as possible on trees and the property. Having trees pruned by a qualified professional such as a Board Certified Master Arborist® will help to ensure proper pruning techniques are applied to enhance the health, structure, and safety of your trees.  Poor pruning practices (e.g. such as topping) can result in a weakened, unhealthy, and unsafe trees that will likely cost you more down the road.  Our Board Certified Master Arborist® will inspect your trees with you to identify any defects, potential hazards, weak, dead, or damaged branches, and health issues that should be addressed.  Contact ArborEdge with any questions, issues, or concerns you have about your trees and request an appointment for a consultation and/or free estimate.

Tree Removal - There are many instances where it may be deemed that a tree needs to be removed.  This could be due to a number of reasons such as structural issues, an unhealthy tree, proximity to structures, or because the tree has died.  Tree removals can be difficult and dangerous.  It is best left to competent professionals who have the technical experience and equipment to safely complete the task.  ArborEdge has the knowledge and experience to get the job done safely, while minimizing impact on your lawn and landscaping.  So, no matter the tree size and space restrictions the professionals at ArborEdge can help solve your tree removal issues.

Tree Planting -  Planting a tree is a critical process and importation part of a tree's life.  Improperly planted  and maintained young trees are less likely to survive than their properly planted counterparts.  Additionally, improper planting can lead to issues many years later that can cause tree health issues or even mortality.  Often, homeowners can trace a quick decline in their trees back to improper planting issue or follow up care in the critical weeks after planting.  Make sure to have either have a Board Certified Master Arborist® talk with you about proper planting and maintenance practices, or have ArborEdge plant them for you!  

Hazard Tree Inspection - Identifying hazardous trees on or around your property is an important step in making sure that your family and valuables are safe and protected.  Perhaps you have a tree that is damaged but are not sure if it damaged to the extent that it is a hazard .  Have a qualified arborist come out and inspect your trees to make sure that you and are your property are not in danger.  An inspection may consist of something as simple as a visual inspection from the ground to something as involved as an ariel inspection while looking for potential defects such as limb, trunk, and root decay, included bark, bark injury and deformation, etc.  Businesses are encouraged to have their trees inspected as well to reduce the likelihood of tree failure and damaged property.  Contact ArborEdge to set up a meeting today!

Tree inventory - A tree inventory is typically a service that is not requested by homeowners or businesses.  Municipalities, universities, or large land holding entities typically request a tree inventory which includes information such as tree species, diameter, location, condition, and occasionally age or height.  This information provides a solid basis from which to make management decisions for an urban forest.  ArborEdge has a highly educated and trained staff to ensure that an inventory is done correctly and with all pertinent variables measured so that our clients are fully informed before making big management decisions.

Woodlot Management - There are times when a property may be wooded and large enough to consider the need for woodlot management.  ArborEdge is uniquely qualified to handle this need for their clients.  With a master's degree in forestry we have the qualified professional to properly manage your woodlot no matter the size.  We will tour the property, conduct an inventory, collect the appropriate measurements, and discuss your goals for the property to ensure that your goals are met. 

Property Management Plan - This is a service that is unique to ArborEdge.  With our property management plan we take the time to inventory all trees and shrubs on your property and create a management plan that dictates what to issues to look for and what regular maintenance is likely needed for each tree for the next 10 years.  Often trees will need follow up procedures over the course of 5-15 years to correct severe structural issues.  The property management plan will identify this need and can act as a guide for caring for your property in the future and identifying potential tree care issues.  Contact us to with any questions or to find out more about a property management plan.

Bracing systems - There are situations in which corrective pruning measures alone may not be enough to make a tree safer or reduce risk.  Clients who have trees with structural defects that they absolutely want to preserve are good candidates for cable and bracing systems.  There is a correct procedure and equipment that must be used to properly cable and/or brace a tree.  Make sure to contact ArborEdge to consult with our Board Certified Master Arborist® with questions about bracing and cabling trees.



General Consultation -  There are many questions that may arise when looking at the trees on your property or when trying to plan how to improve or make changes to your property.  Knowing when and what to prune, how to do it properly, what to plant, or how to mitigate other tree related issues can be intimidating.  Contact ArborEdge anytime for free consultation about your property or business with a Board Certified Master Arborist®.  We enjoy just talking to people about their trees and urban forests.  Additionally, if you hire a contractor to do some work on your property and are uncertain as to whether or not they are selling you additional services you do not need, or that they are not following proper pruning protocols we will gladly come discuss it with you to ensure you are working with a business that uses ethical practices.  Contact us anytime for free estimates for services and/or a free consultation.

Shrub Pruning & Shaping - Knowing when and how much to prune shrubs and bushes is key to a healthy and vibrant landscape.  Some plants can only be trimmed a certain amount each year, while others are able to handle much more drastic reductions.  Additionally, understanding timing of pruning and flowering are important concepts that must be taken into account so that your landscape reaches its maximum potential.  ArborEdge has professionals that can shape your shrubs and bushes with precision to make your property to envy of the neighborhood.  Contact us today to unleash the full potential of your landscape.

Disease Diagnosis & Treatment - It is pretty common for the trees in your landscape to have one or more issues with regards to disease or abiotic health issues.  It is typically not easy for an untrained person to be able to correctly identify and resolve the issue.  If an incorrect diagnosis is given then not only will the problem persist but money will be wasted in the process.  Make sure you have ArborEdge come out and examine your trees to get a proper prognosis and provide options to find the best treatment option.  Additionally, we can identify if the issues are due to a disease or a simple abiotic factor such as a nutrient deficiency or water or light issue, and whether treatment is needed.  Please contact us if you have any questions!

Soil Sampling -  Healthy soil is the foundation to good plant health.  At the request of our clients we will perform soil samples for analysis to identify the current condition of the soil.  Variables such as nitrogen, phosphorous, organic mater, soil bulk density will be analyzed so that deficiencies can be identified and the necessary amendments made to correct plant health issues.  Soil sampling may be included with certain services - contact us to have our professional staff  discuss soil sampling with you.

Lot Clearing - Clearing a lot may seem like a job that is not that technical.  However, this is not the case and to ensure the job is done safely and professionally look to ArborEdge to meet you needs.  From a small lot in an urban area to a large woodlot ArborEdge will exceed your expectations.  Contact us to find out more about lot clearing and to set up a free consultation.

Tree Protection Plan - If you are planning on having construction work or any other high impact work done on your property you may want to consider a tree protection plan.  Root damage from compaction as well as physical damage to tree trunks are common issues related to construction work.  A tree protection plan is designed to preserve and prevent damage to your valued trees from construction or any other high impact work.  The plan will detail the restricted access areas as well as possible consequences for contractors for violating the protection plan.  Please contact us to ensure your prized trees are protected by a prescribed plan by our ISA Board Certified Master Arborist®.

Property Planning - If you have ever questioned what trees and shrubs to put on your property, what should be removed or preserved, or where to place new vegetation ArborEdge can help to make the decision making process a little easier.  You can consult with a Board Certified Master Arborist® to identify what species would likely do best on the property according to variables such as light, moisture, climate, soil conditions, etc.  Poor planning can result in unnecessary replacement costs down the road.  Feel free to contact us anytime to set up a time to discuss your property plan.