Tips: Training Young Trees

Treetop from Below

Property owners who have young trees often over-look them when it comes to pruning. However, training trees when they are young for proper structure can reduce chances of mechanical failure and increase longevity of the tree. Additionally, well trained young trees often cost less to maintain over the life of the tree than those left to grow with defects.

Common structural issues that can lead to damage or failure include:

*Included bark

*Co-dominate stems

*Over-lifting (often called lion’s-tailing),

*Large lower limbs (especially those greater than ½ the diameter of the trunk)

*An unbalanced canopy

Typically pruning 6-8 times in the first 20-30 years of a tree’s life can create proper structure that makes it more likely that the tree will become a long-term part of the landscape. It is good practice to have an ISA Certified Arborist® visit your property annually to ensure that any issues that need addressed are done so by a professional. Improper pruning of young trees can damage them for the remainder of its lifespan. Typically an ISA Certified Arborist® will provide free consultation, and during the first visit to a new property will walk you through identifying potential hazards, defects, or other common issues that may be harmful or damaging to your trees. So, this year take the time to meet with us, or any ISA Certified Arborist® to examine the health and condition of your trees.


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